Coronavirus Update

We understand that everyone is very concerned about safety and taking pre-cautions to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. The Associates at Sovereign Pest Control are committed to taking necessary steps so that we can provide our services in a safe manner during this situation. We would like for our customers to be aware of the following.

  1. We have taken steps to educate our associates on what they can do as individuals to avoid contracting the virus.
  2. We are committed to maintaining a clean and disinfected work space at all of our offices and warehouse locations.
  3. All of our technicians are issued Half Face Respirators as part of their personal protective equipment. Our technicians are required to use the respirators for certain types of treatments and when working in confined spaces. Due to concerns about the virus spread, our customers can request that our technicians use the respirators when conducting inspections and performing treatments inside the customer residence. We feel that using the respirator can protect the homeowner, their home, and our technician.
  4. Our technicians also use 6 mm disposable rubber work gloves that are changed before each appointment. These gloves should limit any issues arising from hand contact from one of our technicians.
  5. Many of the services that we offer to protect your house from various pests involve treating outside the home around the perimeter of the house and in the yard. Please ask one of our customer service representatives about options to treat on the outside of your home.

We encourage of all of customers to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-394-4737 if they have any questions about our response to this situation.

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the impact of the financial crisis due to the new Coronavirus

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At Sovereign Pest Control, the well-being and satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. We implement a rigorous screening process to ensure that each Sovereign Pest Control Technician undergoes thorough vetting. Your safety is paramount to us, and our proficient team at Sovereign Pest Control is committed to delivering dependable and expert pest control services.

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