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Refer A Friend
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They Save $25 and You Receive $50 Reward

Refer A FriendSovereign Pest Control offers a Double-Sided Escalating Referral Program that will reward $50 to $250 for those who refer a friend, neighbor, family member, or acquaintance that becomes a Pest Control or a Pet Lovers’ Service Plan client. In addition, the homeowner you refer will receive a $25 discount on the purchase of the Pest Control or a Pet Lovers’ Service Plan.

Please contact our Marketing Department at 1-866-430-9801 (Option 1) to start making referrals and receive more information about our Referral Programs. You can also use our Refer A Friend below.

Reward Your Friends while Rewarding Yourself
With the Sovereign Pest Control Refer A Friend program, you can get huge savings on your service. So, start spreading the news. Tell your friends about all of the benefits:

  • Effective quality products
  • No interest installment plans
  • Plus a wide range of specialty services
  • The most affordable service plans in the industry
  • For your convenience, we schedule Exact Time appointments
  • Save addditional $25 discount on Pest Control plan or Pet Lovers plan

Refer A Friend

Start Turning Word of Mouth into Cash in Hand
Earn $50.00 off your yearly service for every friend that becomes a termite and pest control service plan customer. All you have to do is submit the information on the form to the right. If your friend joins us as a Sovereign Pest Control termite and pest control service plan customer, we will give you a $50.00 discount off your service! Great earning potential when you become a referral partner. On your 10th referral you become a specialist. Easily earn over $1,000 pr week by continuing to refer your friends and family. Do you like to Network? Have a large following on Social Media? This could be the perfect way to earn a lot of extra income.Refer A Friend

No Cap on Earnings
With no limit on your ability to earn; start spreading the news to friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors. The more you refer, the more you save on your service.
Don’t delay, call today and get started now.

Referral Program

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FAQ – Refer A Friend

A: $50, $100, or $250 for each referral.
A: You will be able to offer your friends $25 discount on their Pest Control Service Plan.
A: A free specialty services on your 5th and 10th referral.
A; Person being referred must be a new customer. To be eligible for $100, 3rd referral must be submitted within 365 days of 1st referral. Referral info must be submitted prior to service being performed or client purchasing Pest Control or a Pet Lovers’ Service Plan.
A: There is no limit to the amount of referrals and rewards. So get started now and start referring.
A: A representative is available to answer your questions Call (866) 430-9801 Enter Ext. 305

Referral Program Video

For residents in Maryland and Virginia click here for customer service information.