Pet Lovers Service

Pest-Free Homes, Happy Tails – Because Every Pet Deserves a Safe Haven!

Pet Lovers Service

Pest-Free Homes, Happy Tails – Because Every Pet Deserves a Safe Haven!

Do you need Pet Lovers Service?

Are Fleas, Ticks, and Fire Ants eating away at your adored furry friend? Protect your home, family and pets from flea, tick and fire ant infestations with our Pet Lovers Service. Don’t let these pesky critters aggravate your pet and spread throughout your home. Call the professionals at Sovereign Pest Control to remove the fire ants, ticks, and fleas from your yard and home with our effective and proven methods. Nothing is worse than watching your pet scratch at that persistent itch without being able to help!

Southern Pest Control offers a “Pet Lovers Service” to stop the bothersome pests in their tracks. And don’t forget, all Southern Pest Control Pet Lovers Service appointments are scheduled on an Exact Time for your convenience.

Customer Preparation for Pet Lovers Service

  • Wash or dispose of all pet bedding. Cover aquariums and turn off air pumps.
  • Clear all floor surfaces of loose items such as magazines, toys and other small articles. Pick up articles on closet floors as well as under beds and furniture.
  • On the day of the treatment, vacuum carpets, rugs, and furniture including under cushions of upholstered furniture. Vacuum wood and tile floors with special attention to grooves and cracks. Pay special attention to wall/floor junctures and all areas frequented by pets. Seal vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose outside in a covered receptacle. Clean thoroughly all areas frequented by cats, i.e. table tops, window sills, etc.
  • Do not run sprinkler day of service.
  • If using a bagless vacuum cleaner, please empty container outside into a bag that can be sealed and put into the outside trash receptacle. Wash container outside and allow to dry before bringing back into the home.
  • Remove all pets during treatment. Do not let pets return home until after treatment dries. Recommend that pet be treated by a qualified veterinarian.
  • Clean areas around dog houses and other outside areas where pets have access. Maximum effectiveness of treatment will be achieved if lawn is cut prior to treatment.
  • You may see some fleas up to two weeks.


Exact Time Appointments

No four-hour windows here! We come at an exact time, so you can plan your day.

*New Customers: Press ‘1’ Returning Customers: Press ‘2’

FAQs About Pet Lovers Service

A Pet Lovers Pest Control Service is designed with the well-being of pets in mind. It employs pet-friendly pest control methods and products, prioritizing the safety of animals while effectively managing pest infestations in homes.

Yes, the products used by Pet Lovers Pest Control Service are chosen for their pet-friendly formulations. These products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are safe for pets, minimizing any potential harm.

Our pest control technicians are trained to apply treatments with the utmost care. Additionally, we provide guidelines to pet owners on necessary precautions during and after treatments to ensure the safety and well-being of their pets.

Our services cover a wide range of pests, including fleas, ticks, and fire ants. We tailor our treatments to be effective against pests while being safe for your furry friends.

In most cases, temporary relocation of pets may not be necessary. However, we recommend discussing your specific situation with our team, and we can provide guidance based on the type of treatment being conducted.

The frequency of treatments depends on various factors, including the severity of the pest issue and the specific needs of your home. Our experts can assess your situation and provide a customized treatment plan with recommended scheduling.

Yes, our Pet Lovers Pest Control Service aims not only to eliminate pests but also to reduce the risk of pest-borne diseases that could impact your pets. Regular treatments contribute to creating a safer environment for your animals.

Our team will provide you with detailed instructions before the scheduled treatment. Generally, preparations may include securing pet food and water bowls, removing pet bedding temporarily, and ensuring pets are kept away from treated areas during application.

Our service is specially crafted for pet owners who prioritize the health and safety of their animals. We use pet-friendly products, employ trained technicians familiar with handling homes with pets, and offer customized solutions that consider both pest control effectiveness and pet well-being.

You can contact us through our website, phone, or email to schedule a service, request a quote, or get more information. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in creating a pest-free and pet-friendly environment in your home.


At Sovereign Pest Control, the well-being and satisfaction of our customers are our top priorities. We implement a rigorous screening process to ensure that each Sovereign Pest Control Technician undergoes thorough vetting. Your safety is paramount to us, and our proficient team at Sovereign Pest Control is committed to delivering dependable and expert pest control services.

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