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What is a one-time pest treatment service?

Are you in the process of moving out of your home or apartment? Are you experiencing pests in your home for the first time? Are you tired of seeing spiders, roaches, or ants in your living space? If so, we have a One Time Pest Control Sale for you! For a limited time, Sovereign Pest Control is discounting its One-Time Pest Control Service by $50. Our experienced, professional team will come to your home and treat the affected area so you can rest easy. Call today to take advantage of this fabulous offer!

The benefits of a one-time pest treatment service

If you have a pest issue, it is not always necessary to sign a contract for monthly or quarterly service. In some cases, a single pest control treatment is all it takes to address a problem. One-time treatments have certain advantages, for example:

  1. You can rest assured that pests won’t return.
  2. One-time treatments are more cost-effective than a routine service plan.
  3. It is more convenient to schedule a single treatment rather than multiple treatments over time.
  4. A one-time treatment can restore peace of mind that your home will remain pest-free without the hassle of regular treatments.

The cost of a one-time pest treatment service

For a limited time, Sovereign Pest Control is lowering the price of our One-Time Pest Control Treatment. Through the end of August, instead of paying $119, you’ll pay just $69. That’s a $50 savings! With prices like these, you can’t afford not to take action against pests in your home. Don’t wait to rid your house of bugs for good. Call today!

So, is a one-time pest treatment service right for you?

To summarize, as soon as you observe pests in your home, don’t delay! Get in touch with a professional pest control service to schedule a one-time treatment. Left untreated, pest problems can worsen over time which can lead to health problems, more extensive treatment, and even costly home repairs.

Call Sovereign Pest Control before August 31, 2022 and save $50 with our One Time Pest Control Sale. We are trained and qualified to treat for all kinds of household pests. Don’t delay – Call Today!


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