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by daveflanagan


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Cockroaches are international pests, found all over the world. They are very self-sufficient, and can live up to a month without food. They can also withstand extremely low temperatures. These pests reproduce fairly quickly and are able to live for up to a year after maturing.

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What Are They?

As the world’s most common pest, cockroaches gravitate towards warmer, moist environments, like bathrooms and kitchens. Considering how active they are, these pests carry diseases wherever they go. They can even can pass on diseases through contact with food. This is why eliminating them quickly is important. Pesticides are effective, but should be used with caution if you have children or pets at home. There are many home remedies available on the market today, although they may not be 100% cockroach proof. These include boric acid, diatomaceous earth, or bay leaves.

Where Do They Live?

Cockroaches are attracted to warm and humid places. Commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, cockroaches move towards heat. They find a steamy bathroom after a warm shower, or a hot stove particularly enticing. When outdoors, roaches are fond of dark, moist areas under leaves, mulch, or in trees. When it’s cooler, they are likely to be found indoors. Once cockroaches have gained access to a building, they begin to search for a food source.

Eating Habits

Surprisingly enough, cockroaches are able to survive for an entire month without a food source. However, when they do access food, cockroaches can consume pretty much anything. They do prefer sweets, meats, starch-filled foods, and/or grease. As scavengers, these pests also are not afraid to consume paper, leather, or insects, including other cockroaches!

How Long Do They Live?

The lifespan of a cockroach entirely depends on its location and quality of life. However, cockroaches are fairly stubborn, and can live in terrible conditions, even when their heads have been removed. Lifespan does vary depending on the type of roach. The traditional cockroach, for example, can live up to a year. The Giant Burrowing Cockroach, however, can live up to 10 years. Some varieties have lived up to 20 years!

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How Do Cockroaches Reproduce?

One of the most unique aspects of a cockroach is that they can reproduce without sperm. This process is called parthenogenesis, meaning producing offspring without fertilization. The female cockroach self-produces eggs which then hatch into nymphs. After several molts, these baby roaches reach adulthood.

Dangers of Cockroaches

As previously mentioned, cockroaches can carry a variety of diseases, simply because of how much they can travel in a short amount of time. Some people are also allergic to these pests when their bacteria is transferred through their feces or saliva. These allergic reactions can also lead to asthma attacks.

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To conclude, the lifecycle of a cockroach can be fairly long depending on the type. They travel quickly and are skilled at adapting to their environment. With their speed and unique reproductive process, the population of cockroaches is simply never ending.

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