$99 General Pest Control Treatment

General Pest Control Treatment
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A One Time General Pest Control treatment is a great way to stave off those annoying occasional invaders such as spiders, crickets, camel crickets, earwigs, clover mites, sow bugs and most other creepy crawlies. Southern Pest Control will perform a thorough treatment to the interior spaces in your home. Our highly skilled technicians are up to date on the best methods to effectively treat the nesting, feeding, and breeding locations of these annoying insects. This is a great choice for new homeowners, new move-ins or move outs and any potential unknown issues or infestations. This $99 General Pest Control Treatment special is popular for residents that are required to do a pest treatment to satisfy lease agreements.

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If you need a one time treatment or a service plan, Sovereign Pest Control is the solution for all your pest control needs. Please contact a Sovereign Pest Control representative today 1-866-884-3789.

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